Hello mappers,
Are there some experts on coordsys transformations out there? In
the field Arheologists often work with a local coordsystem
(nonearth meters). During the gis analysis we want to place all
the information in an national non-earth(meters)coordsys.
Until now I used Rotator from the ftp-site. This works very
well, but I need to determine the angle of rotation and the 
X, Y translation parameters. I think, it would be better to
digitize the excavation drawings directly in the 
national nonearth coordsys by using control points from which
the national coordsys coordinates are used 
(there are always points in the field from which both coordsys
coordinates are known).

I would like to build a program (mbx) that asks the user- from
two points(is this enough?), both local and 
national coordinates. The program then calculates the rotation
angle and the translation parameters. Then the user can give 
a number of local coordinates and the program can calculate from
every local coordinates the national coordinates. 
Is this possible with some simple goniometry and pythagoras? 
Is there some information on this subject (books, internet)?


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