I totally agree. The sender has been warned, but I think this was
just a mistake on his part. Just prior to this posting there was
a whole slew of messages that failed to get posted correctly
(missing content, titles changing, etc.), and I think this one
just got loose. Nevertheless, incompetence with email can still
get you kicked off mailing lists, and if this one has another
"accident", it'll be frog-marching out the airlock time. Anyone
who can't control his (or her) email can go practice somewhere

- Bill Thoen

> I find "The Bobbit Hillbilly" in poor taste and not at all representative of
> this email list.  I use this email list as a tool at work and would hate to
> lose access to it.  Would it be possible to restrict these type of messages to
> those you know would enjoy them?
> Thank you,
> Sarah Myers
> Preventive Care Operations
> Blue Cross of California
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