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GeoComm developed a piece of software that can integrate the cellular
location into an E911 network.  The actual angle of arrival location
derrivation hardware was built and patented by KSI Inc. out of Annandale VA
(  Our successful E911 integration was accomplished by a
consortium of companies: KSI, Rural Cellular Corporation (RCC), CML
Technologies Inc., Datamaster, and GeoComm.  KSI reports that vehicle
tracking is a possible use for this technology, but this is not anything
GeoComm developed or offers.  Anyone interested in this new technology
should check out KSI's web site.  Also, while the new technology could
reduce the cost of a tracking device to whatever your cell phone costs, the
location derrivation network must already be in place - so there is still a
high cost.  This could work in the future if it becomes standard for cell
sites to be equipped with this type of gear.  GeoComm currently offers
vehicle tracking hardware that can interface to conventional or trunked VHF
or UHF radio networks.  We also have a unit that can connect to a cellular
or PCS phone.

John Brosowsky

Bill wrote:

>John Brosowsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> described GeoComm's MapX-based
tracking products (, which include a unit that can
connect to a cellular transceiver, but he points out the main problem with
cellular systems, which is cost. However, GeoComm has just developed new
technology that can locate cell phones without GPS. The new system involves
setting up directional equipemnt on cell towers which can monitor a wireless
phone's service channel and report its location as often as desired. He
reports that the prototype system is accurate to 50 ft, and can work where
GPS can't (like in buildings). It elimintates the cost barrier because the
cell phone doesn't have to make a call to report locations; it just has to
be turned on.

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