The user-supported MapInfo-L FTP site has moved to a new home.
The old one was getting too crowded and overworked. The new site
is at Directions Magazine at

The entire thing was moved -- web pages and shareware files --
and some web page file names have changed. Also there is no
longer any direct FTP service. You must use your browser to
download and upload files. 

There are no longer any MapInfo-L resources on the
server, so please everyone update those bookmarks! I've left a
"push" page named index.htm in all the old MapInfo-L directories
on that machine, but everything else has been moved.

Big thanks to Scott Elliot and Directions Magazine for donating
us some space on a modern, speedy server! And thanks to Rob
Martinson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (webmaster at
Directions Magazine) for all the extra work he's been doing on
the service customizing. Already we have a better way to upload
files, and several new options are planned. We're going to try
and make this as full-service as a discussion group's file and
info server can be, so suggestions are always welcome!

- Bill Thoen
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