Sam Kome wrote:
> A comment/suggestion:  I would have liked to upload a Readme file with the
> applet, but the Upload form seems to allow for only one file.  Get on the
> stick, alright? And I want that in a creamy beige.  No, mauve.

How about mauve on alternate Tuesdays? (actually, we might be
able to set up a way for people to build the form on their own
page, and color it any way you please).

But we're going to get away from this multiple files per app
business. Except perhaps there's the possibility of a thumbnail
picture that might be associated with the file for web page
presentation purposes. I'll give that some thought.

What people really should do is combine all files (mbx, mb,
readme, pictures, advertising, tabs, etc.) that belong with an
app into a single archived file like zip or gzip, and then upload
that. As an author you should provide the end user with
everything s/he needs in one simple, easy-to-download file.
Browsers know what to do with zip files, but few know what to do
with an mbx (so they just display it to the screen, ruining it.)
The readme is what you put into the Description box (and it's not
the instructions; it's what you want people to see that gives
them a reason to try your app. "Short and sweet and hard to beat"
sort of thing.)

We really are trying to make this service as self-reliant and
maintenance free as possible, with the ultimate goal that the
authors manage their own contributions. 

- Bill Thoen
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