Thank you for your responses to my proportion sum question.

The answer is to use AreaOverlap() instead of proportion sum.  It was
right under my nose.  Just goes to show, when you get stuck staring at
something for a long time, you just might want to step back and look at
alternative approaches.

Here's how it worked...
In the MapBasic window type - 

Set Area Units "acre"

Then in the SQL dialog box (Or MapBasic window) - 

Select SUAs_in_study.NAME, MoodyLU.Reclass,
Sum(AreaOverlap(SUAs_in_study.Obj, MoodyLU.Obj)) from SUAs_in_study,
MoodyLU where SUAs_in_study.Obj Intersects MoodyLU.Obj group by
SUAs_in_study.NAME, MoodyLU.Reclass into SUA_LU_acres

It boils down to this question - can Proportion Sum be used in an SQL
select statement to obtain overlapped area?

Thanks to;
Steve Wallace [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sesheeka Selvaratnam [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]

Will Mitchell
GIS Manager
The Environmental Company, Inc.
Charlottesville, Virginia

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