Jaques & GISers
This one has bugged me a lot for quite a while & would also be
interested in anyones workarounds (hopefully not delving into the Win
API too much). 
It's most annoying when you usually have your Mapper maximised and just
stop to browse some records/queries/graphs and then got lost in the
deluge of maximised windows.
Nothing critical just inefficient - is it on the wish-list?
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Subject: MI : window size dependency(2)

Thanks to all that have answer me, but because I was not clear enough,
most answers were off target.
The situation is very simple. When in MapInfo (I am not talking about
programming) if one chooses to maximize a window and then uses the
window menu item to go through all the open windows, they are all
displayed MAXIMIZED. 
If he chooses minimize or intermediate size, all the windows take that
state (icons or as defined previously to MAX for each one).
However, if a table of the pile is closed, nothing changes, even if it
was the one that was used for the original MAX.
In a MapBasic application, I got a similar situation. The program
generates a table MAX then closes it. I had a MBwindow open at the time;
after the job, the BMW remained MAX.
There may be ways to correct that with some programming (I do not even
know if it is worth the effort) in the case of an MB application, but I
am concern by the behaviour in the MI context.
Is that a "works as designed"? Can it be prevented?
I am rather late at coming aware of it; I was never bugged by it until
this week, and it had been there all that time (I checked back to 4.5
for fun!)
Thanks again 
Jacques Paris
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