Thanks to Trey Pattillo [[EMAIL PROTECTED]], I understand now that the global
maximization of windows open in MI is more a Windows feature than anything
else. I quote his explanation : "This is the behavior of the Multiple
Document Interface [child windows] that can be duplicated by any application
that allows opening multiple documents, such as M$ Word etc."

This would explain other behaviours like the "de"maximization of a mapper
when you open a browser.

When working directly in the MI window, the only way to regain original
window sizes is to click on the "intermediate" icon at the upper right
corner. One click is enough, no matter how many windows are open.

In MapBasic, the way I found is first to check if any window is open
        if numwindows()>0 then
restore the front window to its non-max size, all the other windows should
        set window frontwindow() restore

I hope that the subject is now closed, but who knows?

Thanks to contributors and commentators.

Jacques Paris
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