You are most likely aware that the 44 groups found in the RUG-III are based
largely on nursing minutes of care.

These minutes are broken down into Registered Nurse (RN) Licensed Vocational
Nurse (LVN) and Nursing Assistant (NA)

These designations are similar to ones used in Canada.

Only in Canada they might refer to an  LPN  instead of a LVN or a PCA
instead of an NA.

Given that these minutes of care have been made available by HCFA it is
possible to work out the expected minutes of care for each RUG-III group.

Extending this further one can calculate the expected nursing staff for each
RUG-III and therefore the expected staffing level for a given facility, both
on a daily and per shift basis.

I have included an analysis where I have done exactly that.

These are the results from data collected from 72 of our chronic care sites
(in the USA  a Skilled Nursing Facility or SNF).

I am hoping that individuals receiving the email could review and comment on
the results.

A. Paul Beaulne
Director, RAI Canada Research Network
577 Kingston Road
Toronto, Ontario
M4E 1R3, Canada
Phone 1-800-387-8903
FAX 1-416-686-3861

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