In order to help reduce the amount of email the RAI Canada Research Network
has setup a public web based users forum.

This forum is easy to join and allows you more control over what and when
you read things.


The forum is completely free and open to all individuals wishing to join.

There are 4 new forums at present.

1) MDS
3) Quality of Care Indicators
4) Resident Assessment Protocols

We will soon add a forum for administrator.

These forums allow you to leave a question or make a comment on the RAI

Other forum members can respond to you directly or leave their comments on
the forum.

I am hoping this will bring about a much more active and broader group to
the discussion table.

Shortly, I will stop sending out advisories related to MDS and will only
post information using the forum.

A. Paul Beaulne
Director, RAI Canada Research Network
577 Kingston Road
Toronto, Ontario
M4E 1R3, Canada
Phone 1-800-387-8903
FAX 1-416-686-3861

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