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Someone in my organisation scanned cadastral maps which I use to update =
informations and objects in existing MapInfo tables.

Problem is, when I try to register the scanned image, the pixel error is =
enormous and the image doesn't fit the vectors at all by several meters, =
making the update process impossible. But in some case, doing this exact =
procedure will give appropriate results. As you can see, no =

I'm trying to figure out the source of the problem. Could it be that the =
scanned images were compressed in a zip files so they could be written =
on cd-rom? Could the compression  have altered the images in a way that =
further registration becomes erroneous?

Otherwise, what could be the source of the problem. I've checked the =
projection and everything (vectors and image registration) is in the =
same projection (Quebec MTM nad27 zone 8). I'm really at a lost here.

Thanks for your answers,

Jeff Lepine

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