Great news is that the MapServer Project Steering Committee (PSC) is now meeting monthly, to get the momentum going and continue the great work for the MapServer community. Note that anyone can attend the meeting, and feedback from all users and developers is very important. The first meeting was held yesterday, and a summary is below.

PSC Meeting Page:

IRC log of yesterday's meeting:

  * Attending:
    * Tom Kralidis
    * Jukka Rahkonen
    * Jeff McKenna
    * Mike Smith
    * Thomas Bonfort
    * Daniel Morissette
    * Stephan Meissl
    * Steven Woodbridge
    * Tanya Haddad
    * Assefa Yewondwossen
    * Steve Lime
    * Olivier Courtin
    * Even Rouault
  * Sends regrets: Perry Nacionales
  * Discussion
* Considered a change in the Chair of the PSC, but all in favor of Steve Lime's continued leadership * Agreement on meeting frequency of once a month, noting that all PSC members cannot attend each meeting
    * Discussion of developing a release plan that the project will follow
* Discussion of possible items to include in next major release, such as
      * jpeg-png output (in master)
      * vector tiles (unfinished)
      * PHP 7 mapscript support (needs effort)
      * Python3 support (needs cleanup & testing)
    * Discussion on needing funding for development (unresolved)
* Discussion on the 2017 code sprint possible locations (Daytona Beach, Victoria) * Discussion on promoting MapServer implementations (possibly through case studies, to randomly share on the main site) * Agreement on next meeting date: 2016-11-17

* **Action Items**
* DanielM, StephanM, JeffM: discuss code sprint with Steve Lehr (Daytona Beach) * JeffM: draft and propose 7.2 release plan
  * TomK, TanyaH, JeffM: draft a case study template on the wiki

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