Hi All,

Haven't been here in a while ...  I'm striving to find out how to either query 
MS or run a command to generate a KML document ready to be ingested by Google 
Earth.  I've seen the documentation mentioning "Output can then be generated 
using MapServer cgi (example mode=map) or through a WMS request." [1] and I 
understand the capability has been there since 6.0, but I can't get around to 
obtaining a KML document that has <NetworkLink> elements pointing to the GetMap 
requests of particular layers.  I do get KML documents (with FORMAT=kml), but 
they miss a <NetworkLink> element in the <Folder> element corresponding to a 
layer from which GE could fetch an image :

   <!-- NetworkLink> MISSING </NetworkLink -->

Examples or pointers anyone ?



[1] http://mapserver.org/output/kml_output.html
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