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Not sure if this helps, but...I remember testing KMZ output through WMS (in 2011), and I had found an issue with the output coordinates and had filed a ticket: https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/issues/3928 Note that I just now dug up that old sample mapfile and data and added the working link at the bottom of that old ticket.


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On 2016-10-18 5:45 PM, Moisan, Yves (EC) wrote:
Hi All,

Haven’t been here in a while …  I’m striving to find out how to either
query MS or run a command to generate a KML document ready to be
ingested by Google Earth.  I’ve seen the documentation mentioning
“Output can then be generated using MapServer cgi (example mode=map) or
through a WMS request.” [1] and I understand the capability has been
there since 6.0, but I can’t get around to obtaining a KML document that
has <NetworkLink> elements pointing to the GetMap requests of particular
layers.  I do get KML documents (with FORMAT=kml), but they miss a
<NetworkLink> element in the <Folder> element corresponding to a layer
from which GE could fetch an image :





   <!-- NetworkLink> MISSING </NetworkLink -->


Examples or pointers anyone ?



[1] http://mapserver.org/output/kml_output.html

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