This works perfectly for me.  Missing 1x1 deg tiles from a bounding box are 
correctly reported as missing, and if there is missing data within a tile, it 
also is reported as missing.  Thanks!

Suggestion for improvement:  when the data file supplied to Mapserver is 
Geotiff, and a " NoData Value" is supplied, automatically use it as a null 
value for the layer.

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On mercredi 4 avril 2018 19:51:56 CEST Burkhardt, Glenn B        UTAS wrote:
> DTED data is notoriously sparse.  If one combines all the files in a 
> DTED dataset into a single Geotiff file using something like " 
> gdalwarp -co TILED=YES */*.dt2 dted2.tif"
> But GDAL will build a bounding box that's square with the world, and 
> there might not be data for every 1x1 deg section of the bounding box.
> When this happens, Mapserver fills in the missing data with zeros. 
> Additionally, there might be data missing from within a 1x1 deg DTED 
> file, and it is marked with a  NODATA flag of -32767.
> Is there some way for Mapserver to communicate to a client where data 
> is missing?  I can't find anything in the coverage information 
> provided to a WCS 1.0.0 client.


You can define in the LAYER.METADATA section things like for WCS 1.0 and WCS

"wcs_rangeset_nullvalue" "-32767"

Actually I see this wasn't documented. I've just added it in

For WCS 2, use "wcs_nilvalues"


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