First, hello Nige and welcome to the community :-)

On the topic of the Notebookbar being default, I personally think that's
not something we should do on the first release after making it
non-experimental. If anything, we could have it available to everyone in
6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, then consider it as default for 7.0...

On 09/11/2018 13:23, Nigel Verity wrote:
> A lot of people still prefer the classic menu bar and find it far more 
> intuitive. I am one of them. Perhaps on first run after installation the user 
> could be presented with a welcome screen which illustrates the visual 
> differences between the two menu types, and allows the user to select one or 
> the other to be their personal default from that point onwards.

That would be good, but it MUST be easy to switch between them. If
someone chooses the Notebookbar but then wants to go back to the
"classic" interface, it must be extremely obvious. Otherwise the amount
of complaints we'll get on social media, info@ and download@ will go
through the roof :-)

Also, a big thanks as always to Andreas K for working on this.


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