Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I attended a great "content marketing" workshop in
Munich. As one of the goals of TDF is to share and spread information,
I'm pasting my notes here! There are various tips and ideas, and we can
discuss how to implement them to promote LibreOffice and FOSS:


* Traditional marketing approach is: talk about how great a product is

* Content marketing approach is different: create useful or entertaining
articles, tutorials, infographics, videos, that ALSO raise awareness of
a product (usually at the end)

* Example: https://www.makeup.com -- looks like a blog with beauty tips
and trends, but leads people to buy products

* Another classic example: "Will it Blend" videos -- people watch them
NOT because they're interested in blenders, but because it's fun:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAl28d6tbko -- but the videos go viral,
good for brand awareness

* Steps to take (1) entertain/inform/generate buzz, (2) raise awareness
of product, (3) then sell the product


* Create "personas" for typical users -- invent a couple of typical
users of the product (age, gender, job, income, hopes, fears...) Give
them names and use stock pictures to make them seem real!

* Then think of how to reach these people -- what websites do they use?
How do they get recommendations? What may put them off trying a new product?

* Customer journey to buying/using a product: awareness, interest,
consideration, purchase, loyalty

* Each step requires different content (for instance, for
"consideration", use reviews or customer testimonials)

* Test new content ideas for 3 - 6 months. Think of holidays, and what
people are doing at different times of the year. Build on "Today is the
day of X"...


* Use different videos for different audiences. Very short videos for
Facebook and Twitter, longer for YouTube channel

* So for LibreOffice "New Features" videos, consider breaking them up
for social media

* For Facebook, ALWAYS upload videos directly there -- don't just put
YouTube links! Facebook wants more content for itself

* Average video attention span on Facebook: 17 seconds

* Some people watch videos with sound turned off (eg at work or on the
train), so use subtitles appropriately

* Consider audience: slower videos for older users (or children)

* Consider devices: smart TVs, smartphones...


* Humans generally lose attention with sentences longer than approx. 17

* Words like "sale" seem overused, but they are still very effective and
the brain perceives them as a picture

* Text is important, but the web (especially social media) is moving
towards text and pictures, then videos

* Infographics are effective, but don't use too much text -- social
media platforms recognise text-heavy images and don't promote them as much

* Useful website: canva.com for creating viral images and infographics

* Another website for checking (German) text quality:

Mike Saunders, Marketing & PR
The Document Foundation

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