It’s Daniel,

I didn’t mean to send out the unfinished draft but as I couldn’t unsend it…here 
it is in its entirety.

Hi I’m Daniel,

I have been using LibreOffice for a while and would like to contribute towards 
it reaching as many people as possible. I think awareness of its existence, the 
values it stands for and what it offers are a good starting point. The 
whitespace I see in this area are the many non-tech affine guys and gals who 
don’t know about LibreOffice. Although I’m not a stranger to the 
technology-world, I myself didn’t know much about LibreOffice until recently 
when a friend of mine, who studies IT, introduced me to the LibreOffice Suite. 
(I was contemplating with the idea of buying the Microsoft Suite)

One of the many groups we can target are students. Many students buy the 
Microsoft Office Suite because they see this as a necessity in order to be able 
to do their work and are not aware of other alternatives. (or think the 
alternatives are too difficult to use) Usually for these non-tech affine people 
it’s “tedious” getting to adjust to new software and therefore they make the 
‘simplest’ choice of buying what their already familiar with.

Many don’t know about the LibreOffice option and I can assure you many don’t 
even need half the capabilities of LibreOffice – not to mention Microsoft 
Office – to complete their tertiary work.
I think by acquiring and familiarizing  many students while their in 
universities (maybe expanding later on to schools), their able to accustom 
themselves to the software very early. Unlike other target groups, students are 
usually more diverse and interact usually on average with more individuals than 
other target groups. My point is a product that is free and offers value can 
start to spread like wild fire.

But for that to happen, first its capabilities and the fact that it exists have 
to be known.

Many pros I see in tackling this target market are not only acquiring pro 
LibreOffice non-tech affine people but recruiting many volunteers, who will be 
part of the LibreOffice community. I really believe this is true, as they 
realise the pure value we offer in return for ‘nothing’.

How to get there: The first goal is to be known

I looked at the different outlets LibreOffice has and Instagram wasn’t one of 
them. At the current moment in 2019 to reach the desired group of people and 
many other groups, we have to look at where the current attention is placed. 
Instagram and snapchat (not to mention Facebook, although the organic reach is 
decreasing there) is where the attention is. Although we have a Youtube 
channel, not many will stumble upon this.
I think by being apart of different platforms, providing value and creating a 
community in different (social-) platforms will help us get the word out.

I propose in creating an Instagram account - whether we start small (native to 
the place i.e LibreOffice_US) or we create an HQ-account
(i.e LibreOffice) - I am to take on the responsibility to administrate it.
I want to be clear. The Instagram account will not exist for advertisement in a 
traditional sense. But is to provide value to the Instagram-community, cement 
our place on this platform and periodically show off the functionality that 
LibreOffice Suite offers.

The first goal is to be known.

I will be happy to receive your feedback on this E-Mail address.

Best Regards,


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