Hello Justin
Thanks for your reply
I will cover all your queries in this article for sure
As of now its a part of Software Define Network (SDN) which helps linux
administrator to manage networking isolation. 

I will start drafting it soon. I hope this is doable


> Hi Ashutosh!
> The Fedora Magazine has moved to its own mailing list,=20
> magaz...@lists.fedoraproject.org, so I am replying there (and have
> the=20
> marketing list CC'd).
> I'm not entirely familiar with this technology, but that doesn't mean
> it =
> wouldn't be a good topic to write about. For me, questions I might
> ask=20
> would be:
> 1) What is it?
> 2) How am I able to install and configure it?
> 3) How can I use it?
> 4) How does it help make my job easier?
> These are some starter questions you could consider answering, but=20
> there's probably ways to go deeper specific to namespaces in regards
> to=20
> where it's used.
> --=20
> Cheers,
> Justin W. Flory
> jflo...@gmail.com
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