When I ask what people would like from Fedora, one of the most common
requests is "make it either LTS or rolling release". Since these are
very different thing with very different impact on users, I usually dig
deeper and find that the real thing is people are worried about losing
a day or two to upgrading.

I've been emphasizing for a while now that our answer is to address
that actual pain point, and rather than changing the way we release,
we're solving it by making upgrades easy. And with Fedora 25, it seems
like we're really getting there. Since it's one of the top things
people present as a problem, and we've got an answer, I think we should
develop some marketing around it.

I just updated my system and it took about 26 minutes. I think it'd be
fun to play with the 1980s pizza chain delivery promise, and have some
banners and maybe stickers with related slogans and graphics. (Of course,
Fedora is _always_ free; that should be worked in somehow.)

What do you all think?

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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