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Il giorno sab 15 ott 2016 alle ore 23:13 Sylvia Sánchez <lailah...@gmail.com>
ha scritto:

> I love the idea.  Effective and funny.  We should find the word or concept
> to use instead of  "free".

Sylvia, IMO this is not a point, 'cause "free" is one of the Four
Foundations and begins with the "F", just like Fedora. Also I don't find
any other word identifying the free concept.

> On 15 October 2016 at 18:16, Matthew Miller <mat...@fedoraproject.org>
> wrote:


> I just updated my system and it took about 26 minutes. I think it'd be
> fun to play with the 1980s pizza chain delivery promise, and have some
> banners and maybe stickers with related slogans and graphics. (Of course,
> Fedora is _always_ free; that should be worked in somehow.)
> What do you all think?
If I'm not wrong, the meaning of "1980s pizza chain delivery promise" is
the promise to get your ordered pizza before a established time, right?

Well in this case I don't think this is a viable way because there are
variables (like internet connection, hardware more or less ols, and so
on...) we can't gather in a timing for the upgrade to be assured.

Rather, some time ago, we established the slogan for the website (we can
watch it at getfedora.org "Choose Freedom. Choose Fedora.") and Taking a
glance below that sentence, we read "less setup, more innovatio. Choose a
flavor of Fedora streamlined for your needs, and get to work right away".
Maybe, we could improve that last sentence including the concept Matthew
explained in his mail.

I'd like to reach an "evergreen" slogan for Fedora. I'd love something like
Mercedes "The best or nothing". This slogan is ever recognizable;
everywhere in the world, when you hear or read "the best or nothing" you
suddenly think : Mercedes.


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