The Marine Mammal Center International Veterinary In-Residence (IVIR) training 
program provides marine mammal veterinarians across the globe an opportunity to 
gain experience in marine mammal medicine and rehabilitation. It is expected 
that successful applicants will return to their pre-existing programs prepared 
to implement training programs of their own.

This position requires a DVM degree or equivalent. Preference will be given to 
veterinarians that are currently employed with a marine mammal rehabilitation 
program or non-profit equivalent. This is an unpaid position, but a small 
stipend is available for food. Airfare to San Francisco, California, as well as 
shared housing at the TMMC Guest House located within the Marin Headlands, will 
be provided as part of the program. The house is shared during the busy season 
with other students, researchers, externs and the veterinary intern. This 
position is available during the busy season for up to three months at a time, 
between March and September. The applicant is responsible for completing all 
required visa paperwork, and is required to have an international driver’s 
license. Strong written and spoken English is a requirement.

The Marine Mammal Center veterinary staff includes full and part time 
veterinarians, three veterinary technicians, a medical technologist and 
research staff. Goals of the program include assisting the veterinary medical 
staff in providing medical management of a large number of stranded marine 
mammals (mostly pinnipeds); performing post mortem examinations, sample 
collection for various research projects, and record keeping. Collaborative 
research is highly valued at TMMC, and development of a research project and 
scientific publication, either clinical or using retrospective necropsy data, 
is highly encouraged. Past IVIRs have attended international conferences, 
scientific workshops, or visited other collaborative partners. Opportunities 
for additional professional development will be supported as they arise.

If qualified, applicants should submit the following materials through the 
Recruiterbox<> website 

1      A current curriculum vitae, limited to 4 pages.
2      Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the 
applicant's academic and/or clinical performance. Please submit letters of 
recommendation via email to:<>.
3      Written responses to the following questions:
1      Why are you the best candidate for our next Veterinarian In-Residence?
2      Please describe in detail the experience you have as a clinician (any 
3      Please describe in detail your experience working with marine mammals. 
Describe experience with both live and dead marine mammals, in the wild and/or 
in captive care.
4      Please describe in detail any research experience you have.
5      Please describe current marine mammal stranding response in your country.
6      How do you hope the IVIR program will help you to achieve your future 
goals? What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Applications are due by Friday, November 25th, 2016. A selection will be made 
in the beginning of January 2017.<>

More information about the IVIR program can be found here:
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