G'day Marmamers,

We are seeking volunteer research assistants for the Shark Bay Dolphin Research 
Alliance’s (http://www.sharkbaydolphins.org<http://www.sharkbaydolphins.org/>) 
forthcoming field season in Shark Bay, Western Australia. An assistant is 
needed from early April until the end of May (~7 weeks), while two others are 
required from early August through November (~15 weeks).

Our research is conducted from two long-term dolphin research sites, the Monkey 
Mia Dolphin Resort in the eastern gulf of Shark Bay (since 1982) and the small 
township of Useless Loop in the western gulf (since 2007). We carry out 
boat-based surveys, collecting a combination of photo-ID, behavioural, 
acoustic, ecological and genetic data from the resident dolphins and their 

Days on the water can be long and tiring in variable conditions, but you will 
encounter dolphins that form multi-level alliances, and those that exhibit 
remarkable foraging specialisations (including sponging and shelling), as well 
as the myriad of other wildlife (e.g. sharks, rays, turtles, dugongs) 
inhabiting this remote World Heritage Area. When the weather does not permit 
fieldwork, you will be working on photo-matching and processing, data entry, 
and the long-term database.

We seek dedicated, hard-working individuals with the willingness and ability to 
acquire new skills, as well as work diligently on routine tasks. As we live and 
work in close quarters for extended periods, we need easy-going team players, 
and a positive attitude is imperative. Prior field experience, including 
familiarity with conducting photo-ID and the handling of small (<6m) boats are 
highly desirable qualities.

As stated, these are volunteer positions and you will need to make your own way 
to Shark Bay, but food and accommodation (in dongas, i.e. single person 
quarters) on-site are covered. Only those who can commit to the entire field 
season (either the 7 weeks or the 15 weeks) will be considered.

Applicants should send a CV (max 3 pages), including contact details of two 
referees, and a short (max 1 page) cover letter in a single PDF to PhD 
candidate and field team leader Sonja Wild 
(b...@leeds.ac.uk<mailto:b...@leeds.ac.uk>) for the April/May position or Dr. 
Stephanie King (stephanie.k...@uwa.edu.au<mailto:stephanie.k...@uwa.edu.au>) 
for the Aug-Nov positions. Deadline for applications is the Friday 23rd of 

All the best, Simon


Simon Allen, PhD

School of Biological Sciences | Oceans Institute

University of Western Australia

Crawley WA 6009

Mob: (61-0) 416 083 653


Web: http://www.sharkbaydolphins.org<http://www.sharkbaydolphins.org/>


Recent papers:

Sexual displays involving sponges in Australian humpback dolphins (2017): 

Abundance and fidelity of bottlenose dolphins to an offshore trawl fishery 

Alliance behaviour in a bottlenose dolphin open social network (2017): 
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