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>   That was Joe Stalin- Are you saying, don't run against the "Third Way"
>BS, Tiny Blur? Let the New Labour or Tory candidate win, and deliver a blow
>not only to the left but, Londoners, who like anyone else deserve a good
>govt. and if Livingstone, is anywhere near as feisty and radical as in the
>GLC days, will clean the clock of Blair!

Some years ago Livingstone wrote a book with the title _If Voting
Changed Anything, They'd Abolish It_, a title which is self explanatory
really (it is also contains praise for Frank Dobson). Shortly after he
vigorously campaigned for a Labour general election manifesto which
included a commitment to the Private Financing Initiative which he now
opposes in the case of London Underground. 

What more is there to say? The man is a complete shit and the politics
he dabbles in are shit. Avoid shit! Don't vote for shit!

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