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I note with interest the results of the Euro elections: 'Weekly Worker'
(CPGB) -1,724; SPGB - 1,510. 

Specifically, I note that the latter party only stood on one list to
achieve a similar share of the vote as garnered by the former in two.
Further, I note the former party practices a policy of setting out
immediate demands so as to attract more workers to the cause, whilst the
latter advocates unconditional and immediate revolution. If
the aim of the former is to attract more votes through advocating reform,
they seem to have failed. Perhaps it is time for a rethink, if the CPGB
are actually interested in full socialism. 

Bill Martin 

On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Lew wrote:
> I know of no organisation which stands for "immediate revolution". Do
> you have one in mind?

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