G'day George,

There is a way to do this, but I'm not sure whether everyone has access to
it (I really don't grasp the technology's workings, I'm afraid).  I don't
think this list has discussed a policy on disclosing the e-identities of
subscribers.  For my part, I am happy for such disclosure to happen, but
maybe that's an issue for Thaxists to discuss first.  My reservation is
based on the tendency of most Thaxists to remain in lurk mode.  This may, I
suppose, be for a good reason (although a few more contributors would
greatly be appreciated).  If Thaxists don't wish to make their feelings
known on-list, please drop me a line off-list.

Or if the information has always been publicly available, it'd be good to
know that, too.  Moderators should know that sorta stuff, I s'pose ...


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