>   I just read, all four of your posts on Red Ken and the Mayoralty race.
> Bollocks!~!!!

Is that aimed at me or them? Or even my selective quotation.

>   If the "Bolsheviks" in the UK, want to pretend that their strategic
> entrism into the Labour Party, to deliver a blow to Blairite "Third Way"
> Neo-Liberalism, is a Leninist policy, I say let their more naive rank and
> filers believe that. 

I not sure anyone has ever claimed that Socialist Organiser is 

> I think anyone with any experiernce, on the Brit Left,
> is hoping and working to makesure, Ken, wins, this platform. 

A platform to make reactionary allainces with anyone (anyone 
but the Left) willing to bolster his credibility in ordered to allow 
him to make his rather particular 'Left' (and often, such as his 
support for the War in Yugoslavia, etc., not so Left) sounding 

>The powers he
> will have, will be constrained, in any case, so those "betrayals" that
> abstentionist ultra-leftists, like Walker worries about,

Walker is the abstentionist ultra-leftist! And i don't feel betrayed 
as if you listen to what the Labour Party or Livingstone actually s

 will stand a better
> chance of being resisted the stronger the vote and the extra-parliamentary
> movement, inside and outside, the Labour Party.
>   If Walker, has sometype of insurrectionary strategy or dredging up the
> "Vanguard Party", well then, I guess he inhabits some other zone of reality.
> (Unless he is an anarchist or council communist, that I can respect more!)
>                                                                    Michael
> Pugliese
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> Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 8:20 AM
> Subject: M-TH: Socialist Outlook on the London Election
> > *Socialist Outlook*  May, p.3
> >
> > 'A Livingstone victory will be a key defeat for Blairism'
> > 'Combined by a serious vote for the London Socialist Allaince'
> > 'LSA supporter should be pleased so long as it establishes itself as
> > the clear fifth force in this election' [the fifth! - jw] 'Support for
> > Livingstone - a difficult task given his failure to take a lead, or
> > even produce basic campaign material' His 'disgraceful statement that
> > he intends to appoint a repesentative from each of the four (sic) main
> > parties as his Deputy' 'He must be forced to withdraw' his clear
> > statement to choose Tories and Liberal Democrats as partners [so
> > partnership Labour (Blairites) is OK! - jw] 'He has made noises that
> > he may not mount a full frontal challenge to the government' on the
> > key-issue of tube privatisation. They call on him to build a huge mass
> > movement campaign for a massive demonstration in the autumn.
> >
> > JW - So Livingstone is against Blairism (but not Labourism!); he is
> > unlikely to lead, organise or possible even support any mass campaign
> > for improving the condition of the working class in London; he is more
> > interested in an alliance with Tories and Liberals than to even
> > acknowlege the demands of his own socialist supporters and would like
> > to rejoin the always-has-been-always-will-be Labour Party. And yet
> > they are going to call on the people of London to vote for him. So
> > when he does betray the fact that his 'Red Ken' credential are merely
> > a fašade and the people in London begin to suffer under his
> > administration the those people will turn to the Left and say 'well
> > you told us to vote for him!' This could possibilly, if linked to
> > other developments in London, lead them into the hands of the fascists
> > and the anarchist who have maintained a consistent opposition.
> >
> >
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