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Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 09:08:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: George Pennefather <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

The situation in Sierra Leone is virtually anarchic. 

The enduring acute instability in Sierra Leone is a legacy of imperialist colonisation 
by the West together with the inherently contradictory and limited character of 
imperialism's post-colonial relationship to Africa --particularly in the form of the 

The situation is so adverse that US imperialism and its subalterns are currently 
unable to do anything to stabilise the situation. There current demarche is farcical 
in the light of the fact that any opportunity they had to stabilise the situation 
could only have existed prior to this present macabre turn of events. Had imperialism 
a serious policy for introducing stability to Sierra Leone they would have been 
already engaged in implementing such a policy which, if effective, would have 
reflected itself in the avoidance of the presently ghastly development. Imperialism's 
present feeble demarche in Sierra Leone is a ghastly reflection of the political 
bankruptcy of  imperialism's African foreign policy and the severe limitations of 
imperialism as a regulating system. The inherent contradictions and limitations of 
imperialism are manifesting themselves in a macabre and ghastly fashion in Sierra 

The West is reduced to an intervention that is nothing more than a feeble cover for 
its failure and inability to manage the situation in Sierra Leone. Its military 
presence in Sierra Leone is lacking in any strategic focus and constitutes a virtual 
panic reaction to a situation that has been getting out of hand for some time now. 
Imperialism uses the cover of the UN as a means to obscure any failure of the demarche 
by US imperialism and its imperialist subalterns to seriously stabilise the situation 
in Sierra Leone. The pathetic situation is that there exists no revolutionary force 
capable of filling the virtual political vacuum there.

The inherent inability of imperialist capital and what is called globalisation to 
produce even limited economic development and the corresponding social and political 
stability is the immediate source of the problem. 

Warm regards
George Pennefather

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