Yeah rob, 

But ya missing the implosion of the Cliffites as they begin to dance on Tony's 
grave.Quite funny that the body is not even cold and they are using this media to 
scratch each others eyes out. Anyhow I think at bottom of all this over and above 
Cliff being dead is the "spirit of Seattle" vs laborite workerist flag waving over at 
Rover which deeply devides the reformist appetites of both contenders to the throne.

Ah Hugh, What do you mean about the "sectarian" left and the Livingstone campaign. 
And do ya know anything about this document and the group who wrote it?

The World Situation:
Balance and Perspectives
Comité Iniciativa Obrera Socialista - CIOS.


> Love to, Bob, only I'll be alphabetising the spicerack for the foreseeable
> future ...
> Yours-in-search-of-a-party-who-reckon-agreeing-on-the-social-ownership-and-contr
> ol-of-the-means-of-production-is-more-than-enough-reason-to-be-friends,
> Rob.
> >     The entire 49 page internal squabble between the  American and
> >English >Cliffite organizations is now easily downloaded in a  zipfile at
> >the homepage >of Cockroach!   Just click on the link;   "The entire
> >ISO/SWP squabble! " and >download it and  read the entire sordid history
> >in your browser...
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