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>I see Moscow is threatening to drop some bombs on Afghanistan because the
>Taliban is allegedly (and unsurprisingly) helping out the Chechen

This is consistent with 100 years of imperial assumptions by Russia towards 
Afghanistan. It is no accident that Putin had himself inaugurated in the 
throne room of the Czars.

(British imperial history makes the contested nature of Afghanistan between 
different empries quite clear. At least Britain got a thrashing early on.)

Policy towards Afghanistan has been one of the big crunches on the left, 
with certain allegedly marxist groups supporting the Russian invasion of 
1970 and the Brezhnev doctrine of limited sovereignty.

Unfortunately a large section of the left in the USA and in Europe will 
once again feel indulgent towards Russia because Afghanistan has 
undemocratic practices towards women.

>  the
>hegemons du jour prefer their foreign radicals to be of the right - as
>Trotsky warned when the boy Hitler first came under notice

Can you explain this reference?

>  - and as Caspian
>oil projections might recommend).

Can you explain again.

Too eliptical.

Chris Burford


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