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> > What Jim is
> >opposing is any discrimination between the different actions of imperialist
> >powers as to which are progressive and which are not. This is childish
> >leftism, ridiculed by Lenin.
>Progressive imperialism? I have often been criticised for insisting on
>the persistence of progressive trends within capitalism, such as the
>(intermittent) development of productivity, but it would not have
>occurred to me to insist on the progressive aspect of imperialism.

On the internetit is possible to  learn something everyday.

Of course it does not mean it is correct just because Lenin had the 
thought, but his argument seems a credible one:-

"Imperialism is as much our 'mortal' enemy as is capitalism. That is so. No 
Marxist will forget, however, that capitalism is progressive compared with 
feudalism and that imperialism is progressive compared with pre-monopoly 

An occurrence has just occurred in Jim H's brain.

Chris Burford


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