Yes, Jim D., true sure "they" give you a little red -white and blue 
sticker for your so-called duty to vote.
But the "they" is a  courtesy of the capitalists political state machinery
for going along with 
and promoting the illusion that common folk  have some say-so over the
governments actions ,
 federal, state  city in the USA. This , is this modern  monopoly
capitalist epoch, is the most nausiating  deception and deadly lie.

Even as far as  social reforms are concerned, who can name any in our 
adult lifetimes that were won (and many were/are to be later stripped down)
via voting?. most anything of value to the working class has attained has
come thru building movements  of struggle and mass actions. Then  these
usually have to cope with the repressive and machiavellian style
campaigns/sabotoge  by the  bosses democratic state. The same one issuing
out these red white and blue lapel stickers for recognizing /respecting the
bosses rule as legitimate  over us by  voting in its  electoral circuses.



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