Bill Bartlett---
So, according  to you the the E. Timorese have achieved real 
via their voting ! Really??  The E. Tomorese "independence' leaders have 
cut their own deals with Australian and US imperialism, Also Portuguese
has manuvered to get a   cut of the action, plundering  E. Timorese 
offshore oil
and other resources.  You may think putting a powder blue UN shield on the 
occupation troops is some sort of liberation but the E. Timorese masses
are being delivered out of the Indonesian rulers  frying pan and into the
and USA  bosses bourgeois fire .

Your own illusions in bourgeois democracy are  at root of your hosannas to
E. Timorese "independence" , a mirage in this epoch of world capitalist
Also  E. timor will still be partly  tied to the tender mercies of the
Indonesian bosses 
too. Only a small segment of E. Timorese bourgeois types  will benefit, and
this dependent on their
co-operation  in putting the kabosh on any  independent (real) Timorese 
workers organizations
of struggle.

Australia and the USA  and Portuguese  businesspeople are flocking into E.
timor to cut contracts
for  new businesses and trade,  to increase their capital, profits,   and
the UN troops are there to stabilize
things for capital .  Workers  fighting on their class terrain will be met
with the fixed bayonets or worse
from the UN (capitals) occupation troops.

E. Timor has seen one master (Indonesia ) in retreat onlty to be replaced
by new more powerful 
masters and exploiters united with  local nationalist "independence "
I'm sure the Australian bosses drilling Timorese oil will love your
apologetics, as well as the sprinklings of electoral holy water you have
politically sanctified this "independence"  with.

For workers own  organization and actions, not capitals electoral charades!


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