Obama is - expresses, this changed reality, and was called forth to do the  
impossible. Obama supersedes and leaps over the long night, that was the era of 
 the rise and fall of the black political leader. A peculiar political 
phenomenon  brought to life by Jim Crow segregation. 
Black History Month 2009 Change and continuity: The election of Barack  Obama 
By Waistline2 

Obama: Change or continuity? (Part III) By  Elíades Acosta Matos raises a 
question whose answer is "both!" 


Part 4 

Death of a Salesman. 
The election of Barack Obama closes out a period of American history and  
opens the door to the Third American Revolution: proletarian revolution, 
of time, place and space outlined in part 1.  Barack Obama has the  demeanor, 
oratory and uses much of the language symbols of the black leader in  
American history. Or does he; or is it American history, with its persistent  
recycling of "Give me liberty or give me death?" 
Obama, rather than President Barack Obama, has a personal familiarity to it  
that can be quite discomforting, but is called forth due to his personal  
qualities and living link as momentary American history. Obama resurrected the  
dead undying Lincoln. "Towards a more perfect Union." Communists rooted in  
American history fail to appropriate this same history at their peril. 
Obama collected the dreams and realized dreams of an older generation that  
is our nation of immigrants. And former slaves. "Don’t matter what kind of ship 
 carried you to America, we are all in the same boat."  Who lacks the  
courage or manliness to apply this formula on a class basis and bias? Here is  
real cultural war being waged against a certain infantile 1960ish counter  
culture amongst the left. 
Obama’s wielding of the "politics of change" is not reducible to demagogy,  
although electoral politics and much of all politics involves demagogy in the  
shape of the inspiring but unachievable driving vision. This includes 
communist  politics and the demand for economic communism, whose emancipation 
of the  
proletariat is forever blocked, from full realization by an existing material  
configuration that is division of labor and productive force development; 
even  after the criminal bourgeoisie has been swept from the furthers corner of 
Even Jesus wept. 
. . . . Over the barriers. . 
Marx shifted his projection of world revolution as a doctrine of combat.  
Marx faced his very own quantifying dilemma. Engels explained why the  
programmatic demands of the Manifesto were obsolete. Lenin’s lament, built iron 
steel socialism. Then the loop of logic carries us back to the  future/present 
Marx; world revolution for this generations. It is precisely  because Marx 
himself could not quantify the progression of the proletarian  revolution the 
and Engels wrote numerous prefaces to the Communists  Manifesto, after the 
These prefaces alone are worth their weight in good  to the communist 
Voting America expressed its desire for real change, which it cannot yet  
define or articulate as a coherent vision because of its lack of class  
consciousness. At least this is how the American people understand their own  
expressed in Obama’s election, I would dare say. Therefore Obama is to  be 
quantified, with instruments from the previous configuration of American  
To do such is to leave - liquidate (Lenin’s word) the last period, this  time 
Peering through the surface of the process dialectic of vision, cause and  
change; is the machinery of society; the outer expression of the underlying  
revolutionary process, felt and experienced as the fight in the political  
sphere. What Marxists generally call the superstructure, the ideological battle 
what Americans once and generally call - with contempt, politics and  
"arguing religion." Politics in our country at all times express shifting  
alliances and shifting structural relations or the living institutions  that 
hold together the unity of the productive forces and the social relations -  
(if you will), of living economic and political America. This shifting always 
 bound up with the North/South political axis, due to slavery. 
Obama in the flesh completes a social and political process, which actually  
matured with the Clinton administration. This period actually begins with Bush 
 1, but he was quickly silenced after floating the concept of the "new world  
order." No political grouping or social movement in America can accomplish 
any  of its goals without impacting and carrying with them 50 - 70 million 
people as  a political and social base. 
Obama must be quantified. He will be quantified. The last period liquidates  
itself on the basis of itself. 
That Obama is an American left social democrat to the world outside and  
inside of America for some is beyond dispute. I use this term/concept. Until 
looks at American history on its own basis. I am not sure if the political  
categories from a Europe being rocked and pregnant with bourgeois revolution 
 political strife between bourgeois and proletariat in combat - antagonism, 
with  the classes of the feudal order are proper to America. 
Lenin marched along the same boulevard as the bourgeoisie, while preserving  
his independence as a distinct political trend and insurrectionary force. A  
section of the bourgeoisie and communism itself, were social democratic in  
relationship to Lenin. Lenin overthrow the bourgeoisie after both overthrew the 
feudal political establishment. 
That is to say, bourgeoisie and proletariat, as the new class fought  against 
the Nobility as power holder, with the serf/[peasants loyalty being vied  
for. In a country with no feudal history where is the left bench of the  
Just asking this question is to leap beyond political Leninism. Perhaps, .  . 
. maybe,  this question, might be the first step in seeking a Marxist  
theoretical framework to place, "Obama's  . . . "left lite" close to  
social-democracy," within. 
The left bench and Social democracy. 
"Yes, I’m sitting on a bench, With my back up against the fence,. Wondering  
if I’ve got any sense. Sometime tells me I’m a fool, To let you treat me so  
cruel, Nevertheless you got me waiting. Sitin’ In the park. Waiting for you." 
(Billy Stewart: "Sitting in the Park") 
Daily thousands, hundreds of thousands of individuals interact "on-line,"  
struggle with catching up with an accurate vision of America as it exists, as 
 is becoming and, as it is understood by a new generation, to give full 
context  to Obama’s electoral victory. What is being grappled with is a new 
form of 
 social - class, struggle still out of everyone’s reach because it has not 
come  of fruition. 
All statistical data suggests that a full 70% of the people of America do  
not trust large institutions, political institutions and government, with only  
roughly 35% taking part in electoral politics. America’s back is not against 
the  fence. 
Rather America - a huge section of it, sits on the fence, tittering and  
teetering to the side of fascism and non-fascism. Nor is 2009 America akin to  
’s Germany and its aftermath where one could be anti-fascism and  
anti-communism as a political equation. What has changed is the world. Today,  
the world 
proletariat faces the world bourgeoisie, without a feudal social and  
political backdrop or waves of anti-colonial revolutions. World wide the  
middle" and the small producer as a political force, has all but been  
eliminated. Slowly but inexorably the proletariat, with a huge and growing  
sector of 
it is being pushed out of social production and cast out of the civic  society 
of the bourgeoisie. In this political equation a left social democracy,  that 
is anti-communist cannot for long stand as being "left." 
Obama’s campaign momentarily created a gravitational pull strong enough to  
pull a large section of our working class spontaneously gravitating to the  
right, as their first political impulse. This is due precisely to the fact that 
labor is tied to capital by a thousand threads and the impulse to recapture  
economic security - a job, means spontaneously recreating the capital-labor  
bond. The spontaneous impulse to recapture a lost past and stability. Here is  
where we meet the fascist danger in the flesh. This does not  mean pushing  
Obama to the "left," but rather establishing economic communism, devoid of its  
historic ideology as a form of Sovietism, as a political pole. Obama and no one 
 else is to be "pushed to the left." Rather, establishing a communist 
polarity  will compelled everything in the middle to seek refuge with this pole 
as a  
consistent fighter against fascism. 
Obama has to be quantified while knowing such quantification is bound to be  
wrong, outside stating he is the chief political representative/executive of  
imperial capital. This of course is no quantification but a qualification or  
quality. Obama is capital personified. Knowing this and a "dime" "won't even  
shine ones shoes, on Broadway." 
Obama also brings to an end the peculiar phenomenon of the black leader. A  
historical character that pushed himself unto history as the product result of  
open fascism in the Jim Crow South and his police state cousin in the North’s 
 Negro conclaves. At the close of the Civil War the blacks began their  
spontaneous drift throughout American society. With the overthrow of  
Reconstruction and the institution of fascism and Jim Crow the structural  
relations within 
and between classes in America were recast. The black leader  emerges as the 
"go between" - navigator, between the structures separating black  society 
from white. Between 1865 and the 1890’s there were leaders and political  
in government that were black. These leaders were not the peculiar  
phenomenon of the black leader. The counter revolution was the condition for 
the  birth 
of the Black leader. 
Let’s be clear. 
Back to the Future III 
The South as the Confederate States of America, expressed desire was to  
complete it development as a nation with a state system to protect its economic 
and political interest. That is why it seceded from the Union in the first and  
last instance. What made the South culturally different from the North was  
slavery and "the antebellum culture" that emerged from the melting pot of  
slavery, with it’s seemingly feudal like attributes. The blacks of the South 
not constitute a separate nation but were the primary labor force of a nation  
struggling to emerge into the light of day. The South lost the war sustaining 
a  horrible and humiliating defeat. The Northern interests controlled the 
South by  politically controlling the blacks. This control was the basis for 
breaking the  political independence of the Southern elite. As that 
was broken,  the Southern elite was forced to unite with their new economic 
masters. At that  point, the goals of Reconstruction were accomplished and it 
could be dismantled  as a political and military institution. But cotton still 
had to be picked. The  unity of Northern and Southern political and economic 
interest was the  foundation  of the counterrevolution that drove the African 
Americans back  into a near slave-like conditions, pulling the entire region 
down. First the  blacks were given the vote, momentarily shattering the 
political power,  then the vote was taken away once the planters were political 
The violence of the counterattack by the planters against the blacks was  the 
condition for condemning more whites than blacks to the sharecropping  
system. By concentrating the attack against the blacks, the planters made it  
that the majority of poor whites were out of the line of fire. Centuries  of 
white supremacy led most of the poor whites to believe that Not uniting on  
the basis of class interest, even that of sharecroppers and small dirt poor  
farmers, would give them privileged status over the blacks. The legalization of 
segregation and discrimination against the blacks guaranteed that the whites  
could not escape the slavery of sharecropping. After the disfranchisement of 
the  African Americans, the laws supposedly passed against the blacks, were 
then  applied to the white. From this complex of events arose a historical man, 
 black man, who could talk to a man, the white political and economic man, on 
 behalf of and as spokespersons for the mass of blacks. 
Someone who could "talk to the man," on behalf of the prostrate black  masses 
is different than one who spoke to power on behalf of the newly freed  slaves 
and destitute masses of the South. 
The black leader. 
And indeed he was the man who talked to "the man." 
Who would have known that this historical man who talked to "The man" would  
become "The man" who now talks to the man or rather all men and women? 
Obama is not an "Uncle Tom." 
His social and political position within the superstructure, production  
relations and more importantly his moment in time as the post Jim Crow era, is  
not analogous to that of Uncle Tom in the fiction novel "Uncle Tom Cabin."  
Barack Obama is President of the United States of America, which as American  
history presuppose the destruction and eradication of structural and 
Jim Crow. 
The man who did the talking to "The Man," broke into history as Booker T.  
Washington existing in symbiotic relations with Dr. Dubois, who when viewed  
through Chinese history and culture were dubbed the comprador and national  
bourgeoisie within the Deep South, as Negro. This man could not speak for the  
whites of the South due to structural Jim Crow and its accompanying ideology.  
William Edward Burghardt Du Bois (February 23, 1868 – August 27, 1963),  
historically expressed the latter, joining the CPUSA in 1959. These concepts  
by Chinese Communist/Marxists, leaves much to be desired, but seemed to  
capture the spirit of Mr. Washington forever changed with genuflecting 
Genuflect = Chinese kowtow and toadyism is kowtowing to the 2nd power. 
end part 4 
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