As much as I love Billy Stewart, even he's not helping draw whatever 
conclusions I'm supposed to draw from Obama.

I'm not seeing anything here but a political vacuum for the communist 
alternative you're talking about.  Everybody in America believes in capital, 
jobs, and wage labor.

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Obama’s campaign momentarily created a gravitational pull strong enough to  
pull a large section of our working class spontaneously gravitating to the  
right, as their first political impulse. This is due precisely to the fact that 
labor is tied to capital by a thousand threads and the impulse to recapture  
economic security - a job, means spontaneously recreating the capital-labor  
bond. The spontaneous impulse to recapture a lost past and stability. Here is  
where we meet the fascist danger in the flesh. This does not  mean pushing  
Obama to the "left," but rather establishing economic communism, devoid of its  
historic ideology as a form of Sovietism, as a political pole. Obama and no one 
 else is to be "pushed to the left." Rather, establishing a communist 
polarity  will compelled everything in the middle to seek refuge with this pole 
as a  
consistent fighter against fascism. 
Obama has to be quantified while knowing such quantification is bound to be  
wrong, outside stating he is the chief political representative/executive of  
imperial capital. This of course is no quantification but a qualification or  
quality. Obama is capital personified. Knowing this and a "dime" "won't even  
shine ones shoes, on Broadway." 
Obama also brings to an end the peculiar phenomenon of the black leader. A  
historical character that pushed himself unto history as the product result of  
open fascism in the Jim Crow South and his police state cousin in the North’s 
 Negro conclaves. At the close of the Civil War the blacks began their  
spontaneous drift throughout American society. With the overthrow of  
Reconstruction and the institution of fascism and Jim Crow the structural  
relations within 
and between classes in America were recast. The black leader  emerges as the 
"go between" - navigator, between the structures separating black  society 
from white. Between 1865 and the 1890’s there were leaders and political  
in government that were black. These leaders were not the peculiar  
phenomenon of the black leader. The counter revolution was the condition for 
the  birth 
of the Black leader. 

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