Abolition of private property is not a demand, reform or a concession  to be 
sought from the bourgeoisie. . 

^^^^^^^ CB: It's a fundamental goal  and aim of the movement. Here it is in 
the Manifesto. 

The distinguishing  feature of Communism is not the abolition of property 
generally, but the  abolition of bourgeois property. But modern bourgeois 
property is the  final and most complete expression of the system of 
producing and appropriating  products, that is based on class antagonisms, on 
exploitation of the many by  the few. 

_In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up  in the single 
sentence: Abolition of private property. _ 
(emphasis added  -CB)


Apparently we understand the word theory  different. The theory of communism 
is not a demand. Nor is the theory of  communism a reform or the fight for a 

"In this sense, the  theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single 
sentence: Abolition of  private property. "
To me this sentence could not be clearer. What seems to be wrong is a  
misreading of the word theory. 

Further, you fight straw men of your own  creation. No communist I know has 
ever raised the abolition of private property  as a demand, concession or 
reform. You suggest that I have when in fact you must  know I have not. 

Simply show where anyone . . . . including myself   . . . have over the past 
40 years raised the abolition of private property as a  demand? 


WL: There is of course a deeper issue and  that is the communist approach to  
in the legislative and  electoral arena. I have some direct experience in  
this arena, as well  as negotiation with the representatives of institutional 
capital.  Communist most certainly must volunteer or be assigned to this 
arena of   
struggle. Most of our communist work is however non-electoral.  

CB: Well, it's electoral and lobbying. I wouldn't
say most  of it is _not_ electoral, as
lobbying is linked to  electoral.


If most of communist work is electoral and  not educational then what have 
you been doing the past 30 years as evidence that  you actually believe this? 
Share your electoral experience. I most certainly  have over the years. I ask 
because it seems you are not thinking out what you  write and simply respond 
of passion. 

Electoral work means lobbying  by definition. I really don't understand why 
mentioning lobbying as linked to  electoral work is important when electoral 
work means Lobbying, someone and  groups as the precondition to do anything. 


90% of  communist work is education. For instance when we recruit say a 
worker in the  plant active in the union, or with her fellow workers, our Job 1 
to help them  do better what they are already doing and to educate them as 
communists. When we  recruit someone involved in electoral work our Job 1 is to 
help them better do  what they are already doing and to educate them. What we 
bring as communists to  the game is vision, leadership and class outlook. 

For instance a  tremendous legislative battle is underway right now over 
expanding the unions  ability to recruit union supporters and form a union. 
all communists I  know and all the lists I participate in support such 
legislation, our task as  communists remains to talk about class and class 
Especially on Marxist  List servs. 


WL. We are to understand that the  extension of unemployment benefit is not a 
concession but a  touchdown.

CB: A first down on the way to a touchdown. You   are, for some reason , 
ignoring that I nowhere said extension of unemployment  benefits is the only 
for working class struggle. That is a fairly obvious  strawman argument on 
this thread.


Well of course I agree  with the above. A first down is a more realistic 
assessment. Cheering for a  first down is realistic but that is not how any of 
this discussion about  concessions, reforms and demands have been shaped. That 
what was wrong.  

There are a lot of issues on the table. I do not think you have limited  any 
of the discussion to one issue. For instance both of us are "big" on health  
care reform; expansion of public education, expansion of the welfare system for 
 all, not just the poorest workers. For instance food stamps should be made  
available to anyone with a need, regardless of economic layer of the working  

Even the issue of mortgage should proceed from the standpoint of  the poorest 
workers but extend to all layers of the working class, as their  economic 
need intersects with the poorest workers. For instance every layer of  the 
working class should have an opportunity to refinance at a 4% rate, an issue  
has been raised in the national dialogue. Why? Because the more stable  
sections of the working class will rebel and not support legislation and  
that exclude them. 

This matter of the meaning of class  intersection means working class because 
what is intersecting is the various  layers of the working class. 

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