Michelle Bachmann's intelligence isn't the issue. Like Palin and W,
she wants to appear less educated, because that enhances her brand
with a "she's just one of us" vitality. None of these people are
stupid. You can't get where they are if you're stupid. Ad hominem
attacks result from laziness. Zero in on the issues. When we attack
the personalities we are allowing the Republicans to choose the ground
we fight on.

CB:I very much agree with this. The simulated "regular person" act
pandering to American anti-intellectualism is vintage Reagan. None of
them are stupid. They are frauds and demagoges ( i can never spell
that). They are big time liars. A main characteristic of the Tea Party
is its mendacity.

Charles Brown
‎@Richard "these people were born a third base and think they hit a
home run all this .."
This points to a central Tea Party Lie. Most Tea Partiers are middle
to upper income. They are the types who declare the USA the greatest
country in the history of the world AND they are among the main
material beneficiaries of this "American Greatness" they announce. So,
what a fraud for them to be attacking the US government which has done
more for them than the vast majority of the People. It's such an
obvious fraud. They are Spoiled , Whining Brats.


Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated

Charles Brown ‎...the US government which has done more for them than
the vast majority of the People, but of course, they have and purvey
the self-serving delusion that they are these Great Individuals who
accomplished their greater prosperity all on their own, by themSelves,
independently of society, government and others - NOT ! They have the
bourgeois libertarian delusions of grandeur.

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