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On 10/14/16 7:46 AM, Paddy Hackett via Marxism wrote:


Economic struggles have a spontaneous character. They are not political
struggles although they may have political implications. They are struggles
that pursue demands that can be facilitated within the context of
capitalism. They do  not challenge capitalism.

Workers on strike in pursuit of a wage increase is merely "the collective
struggle of the workers against their employers for better terms in the
sale of their labour-power" (404) It has nothing, as such, to do with the
abolition of labour power as a commodity. This means that it has nothing,
as such, to do with the abolition of capitalism. It is a tacit acceptance
of capitalist relations. Even if the working class become increasingly
militant in its struggle for better terms in the sale of its labour power
it is still struggling for demands that are realisable from within the
capitalist economic system.

This applies too to the Right2Water campaign in Ireland despite its popular
and even militant character. It is an economic campaign the aim of which is
realisable within the capitalist economic system. It does not constitute a
challenge to the state nor even the government itself.

What is this? The last of the DeLeonists?
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