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Gary MacLennan said (in part):
I am also intrigued, though, about the tape's journey from obscurity in
2005 to world wide status in 2016. I have speculated before that the Bush
clan must have done a deal, surely, with the Clintons. I haven't seen any
commentary anywhere on how or why the tape surfaced. It is like *deus ex
machina*, we are supposed to take it on faith.  Like a leader in the old UK
Tory Party, we are being asked to believe it just emerged.

Ken Hiebert replies:
How many people would have had access to the tape since 2005?
I don't think it's a stretch to think that ten people would have knowledge of 
the tape.  It could easily be more.
When you consider how many millions of people in the US have been angered or 
alarmed by Trump, it is not implausible that one of those who had access to the 
tape decided to pass it along to a news organization.

Given what Trump himself said on the tape and what he has said on the Howard 
Stern show, I won't be surprised to learn that he has assaulted and demeaned a 
great many women.  It is in no way surprising that some of these women have 
come forward after Trump has very publicly denied that he has engaged in such 
I haven't turned on my TV yet this morning, so I am some hours behind, but none 
of these women has reported that they contacted the Clinton campaign.  I don't 
find it hard to believe that many of them contacted news organizations and in 
one case (I think) contacted a lawyer.

How many people in government and in accounting firms had access to Trump's tax 
returns?  10? 20? 50?
All it took was for just one of those people to contact a news organization.

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