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. . . but there's not really so much of a risk because the CIA did not make
up the story . . . that's the cleverness of this.  They're just passing it
along.  "We heard this from an unnamed Republican source who got it from a
British ex-spy that they hired who got it from . . . well, who knows?"
They're not saying that they've verified it.  They're just passing it along
. . . as a security concern.

And the media's eating it up with a spoon. A perfect non-news story
presented in a way that makes no sense.  It's like WMDs or the Clinton
emails.  Could be something that might mean something . . . but then,
again.  Now let's hear what Paid Flunky No. 1 says he feels about it, and
we'll give equal time to Paid Flunky No. 2.  Then, "Here's the results of a
pointless unscientific survey we just did to see how you feel about
about."  .

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