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>It's from Comments on North American Events in October 1862.
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>> Citation to Collected Works is at bottom of message. Unfortunately, MECW
>> are not online, this version still under copyright by International
>> Publishers or Lawrence and Wishart afaik.
>> On 3/13/2017 10:24 PM, Thomas wrote:
>>> Where can one find the article quoted?  MEC appear to be out of action.
>>> T
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>>>> Subject: [Marxism] Marx on Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation
>>>> I just stumbled on this while looking for something else:
>>>> Lincoln is a /sui generis/ figure in the annals of history. He has no
>>>> initiative, no idealistic impetus, no cothurnis, no historical
>>>> trappings. He gives his most important actions always the most
>>>> commonplace form. Other people claim to be "fighting for an idea," even
>>>> when it is for them a matter of square feet of land. Lincoln, even when
>>>> he is motivated by an idea, talks about "square feet." He sings the
>>>> bravura aria of his part hesitatively, reluctantly and unwillingly, as
>>>> though apologizing for being compelled by circumstances to "act the
>>>> lion." The most redoubtable decrees - which will always remain
>>>> remarkable historical documents - flung by him at the enemy will look
>>>> like, and are intended to look like, routine summonses sent by a lawyer
>>>> to the lawyer of the opposing party, legal chicaneries, involved,
>>>> hide-bound /actiones juris/. His latest proclamation, which is drafted
>>>> in the same style, the manifesto abolishing slavery, is the most
>>>> important document in American history since the establishment of the
>>>> Union, tantamount to the tearing up of the old American Constitution.
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