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Just completed binge watching season 2 of "Sense8", the sexually and often
erotically themed sci-fi series on Netflix that covers the development of a
'sense cluster' of 8 young adults spread equally around the world (SF,
Seoul, Hyderabad, Nairobi, Berlin, Mexico City, Iceland and Chicago) who
start 'clustering' that is, realizing they are totally attached at the
telepathic level, even able to experience the emotional and physical
sensations of the others at will. Thus "Sense 8", the title.

The first season introduces use to the characters and, their partners who
are not Sense sensitive. This includes a transgender women (as she
identifies herself) and her lover; a Chicago cop; a Nairobi bus driver; a
gay (though not out as one) actor in Mexico city, etc. The first season
shows how they begin to become aware of each other though of course, not
quite believing it until the end of the first series.

Also revealed, which is very standard fare for this sort of thing, the
secret public-private agency hunting down these 'clusters' of people. In
fact our 8 member team doesn't even realize there are other clusters out
there. At least not until half way through the first season.

The series is probably the most beautifully shot television show I've ever
scene. Last year when it premiered, it was the first series ever shot in
the absolute latest, greatest, HD video. But more importantly it was shot
on location...like everywhere the characters reside: Berlin, India, Mexico,
etc. It's quite impressive.

Important sub themes running throughout the first season and then
*increased* in viability are the issue of gay identity and rights and
transgender identity and rights. While these a "sub-themes" that play parts
of intermediate importance in Season 1, they are elevated, to something of
a preachy level, in Season 2, though it still "works" it does become a bit
much for this viewer. Though in all cases it is always done well.

I highly recommend it if one is a Netflix subscriber.

Just a comment on my use of the terms I used: "sexually and often
erotically theme sci-fi series". Yes...this is one of the most important
parts and themes of this series: the beauty of love as expressed not only
through our main characters respect and developing *loyalty* and trust to
each other, being able to provide their own skill set to a member of the
cluster under duress in any circumstance, but their profound developing
love for each other and which is often enough expressed through making
love, with their special kind of telepathy. This is all amazingly erotic
without at all being exploitative or, IMO, gratuitous. That, for me, is
something rare in film and especially television. This is as true for the
straight characters as it is for the transgender and gay ones. Given the
directors eye for beauty (not so much physically but in one's demeanor and
attitudes) combined with the amazing cinematography, I was blown away by
the sex scenes in this series.

Truly astounding work.
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