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On 9/9/17 6:39 PM, John Obrien wrote:
Sad to see this on a Marxist site.

But those like David Cole seem to identify with this capitalist state actually protecting their interests!

Perhaps for him - they do - but what about the true realities of the rest of us?

O'Brien, you have to get used to the idea that many posts here are meant for informational purposes. Do you think that we need trigger warnings on Marxmail? In terms of what the ACLU stands for, it was founded by a group of people mostly on the left, including Helen Keller, and mostly on the need to defend antiwar activists in 1920.

When the witch-hunt began, the ACLU was divided over whether Communists should be defended but eventually the faction supporting such a defense prevailed. Despite doing the best it could on behalf of the victims of McCarthyism, it was difficult to win cases in court.

Based on John O'Brien's invective, you'd think that the ACLU was our enemy. In fact, it was a key ally during the Vietnam antiwar movement when John became an activist and then a socialist. It defended draft resisters and even a thirteen-year-old Junior High student Mary Tinker who after wearing a black armband to school in 1965 to protest the war, was suspended from school. The ACLU appealed her case to the Supreme Court and won a victory in Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District. This case established that the government may not establish "enclaves" such as schools or prisons where all rights are forfeit. (Wikipedia)

You'd think from O'Brien's rant that the ACLU was spending 90 percent of its time defending the alt-right when in fact it is probably less than 5 percent. Why does he get on his high horse? It is to show the rest of us that he has true grit when in fact he is only stroking his own ego.

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