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(A former Trump aide did at least six interviews yesterday where he seems to have gone off his rocker. This one on MSNBC is typical.)

NUNBERG: They asked me about communications with Carter Page. Do you think I would communicate with Carter Page?

TAPPER: I'm guessing...

NUNBERG: Carter Page is a scumbag.

TAPPER: OK. So the answer is, no, you would not communicate with Carter Page.

NUNBERG: So, the answer is no.

And Carter Page was colluding with the Russians.

TAPPER: So Carter Page was colluding with the Russians, you think?

NUNBERG: Yes. I believe Carter Page was colluding with the Russians.

TAPPER: Well, if that's true, Sam, Carter Page was an adviser to the Trump campaign.

NUNBERG: He wasn't really an adviser, Jake. Come on. Do you really think he was an adviser? He was a name on a list.

TAPPER: Well, I know that he...


NUNBERG: I'm being honest with you. Honestly, let be -- let's be credible. Let's be honest about this.

Trump had to start, Trump had to form, as you will recall, Jake, Trump had to form a foreign policy advisory board. And he didn't know -- they were happy to get anybody they could get. That guy was introduced to the campaign through Corey Lewandowski.

TAPPER: So, you -- OK. So, you think -- I just want to wrap this up in a second, Sam, but let me just ask you.

So, you think Carter Page colluded with the Russians. What do you think about George Papadopoulos, who has also...

NUNBERG: I don't know anything about George Papadopoulos.

The reason I think Carter Page, Jake, colluded with the Russians is because, as you well know, and you have reported this -- and I watch your show.

TAPPER: Thank you.

NUNBERG: About that case in 2014 or so, 2013?



NUNBERG: That's why I think he did.

I think that Carter Page is a weird dude. I don't think he should have been involved in that campaign. If you look at everybody else on that foreign policy board, they were basically brought in through what's his name, through Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Ben Carson's campaign, because Corey was so lazy, he couldn't organize a campaign -- he couldn't organize a foreign policy division.

TAPPER: Right. All right.

Sam, always a pleasure talking to you. Thanks so much. Please keep in touch, because, obviously, I'm guessing that there will be repercussions if you tear up that subpoena and refuse to cooperate. And we want to hear your side of it.

NUNBERG: Do you think should I cooperate with -- should I spend 80 hours going over my e-mails, Jake?

TAPPER: If it were me, I would, I mean, if you're just asking my opinion, just because, it sounds like pain, but he is the special counsel and he does have the long arm of the law.

NUNBERG: Why do I have to produce every e-mail? I talked to Steve Bannon and Roger Stone eight times a day. Do you know what I mean? Why do I have to go over it? Why do I have to produce --

TAPPER: Sometimes life and special prosecutors are not fair, I guess. I would cooperate were it me. But, you know, I'm a different breed of cat.

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