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On 8/7/18 7:17 PM, Mark Lause via Marxism wrote:
I think that's not an unreasonable response to socialism as a "label."
Rather than fighting over vocabulary like adysfunctional English
Department, the fight should be around the political question of power, no?

I think the French Mandelistas had the right idea to form something called the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA) that put the question of socialism on the back burner. It leads to too many fissures about how to interpret what it means.

But everybody should be able to agree that the capitalist system is not working. That provides the basis for an all-inclusive left party that can focus on the tasks at hand such as defending immigrant rights, opposing fascists, defending the trade union movement, etc.

Unfortunately, that's the one thing that the DSA candidates do not address. Can you imagine the impact if A. O-C went on "Meet the Press" and instead of making all these mealy-mouthed formulations and had simply said that humanity is doomed on account of the drive for profit that is polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink? And had properly fingered big pharma for its profit-hungry indifference to our health?

The Green Party had that potential under Nader and maybe Howie Hawkins is just the person to carry that agenda forward.
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