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On 8/9/18 11:55 AM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:
Why could it not have started in Zimbabwe?

I think the answer is fairly obvious. ZANU-PF, like the ANC, like the MPLA in Angola, Frelimo in Mozambique, and like SWAPO in Namibia, were all national liberation movements with only a tangential relationship to socialism. When I was involved with Tecnica in the early 90s, I used to get reports from our volunteers working in all of these places about how unlike the FSLN they were. All of these volunteers had spent time in Nicaragua previously. I remember vividly how creeped out a volunteer who worked in Zimbabwe was by government officials.

It could have been different if by some miracle the Communist Party in South Africa had not been such a sack of shit. At the time, we gave it the benefit of a doubt because it had moved in a Eurocommunist direction. The idea of being anti-Stalinist was commendable but now when it went along with pro-capitalism.

I am not sure what possibilities the metalworkers union has but it sounds like it might signal a rebirth of Marxism in South Africa. Let's cross our fingers.
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