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Could it be that nationalism, tribalism, regionalism, nuclear family-ism, invidious distinction-ism, all these primitive associations, for now, continue in the main to trump socialism? And that instead of being an adjunct of socialism in its extension, this is seized and used against us by capital local and global . . . , until some powerful jolt to social relations is brought about that turns that towards universal, collective identity? We have experience that points in that direction: the failure of nationalism and national liberation movements to change our situation for the better, the failure of Euro-communism, social democracy and the ongoing failure of reformism generally, the failure of socialism in one country, also still being demonstrated, the failure of the notion that workers (no longer even "employees," but "associates" at big boxes, now "bankers" in finance, etc.) rise and fall with the fate of the corporation that exploits them, instead of organizing collectively across capital's contrived boundaries to extirpate the beast? So amidst gathering economic, social and environmental chaos "Trumpism" will soon fail, and then where to?

I have this simple-minded drawing I once made, copy of somebody's cartoon. In the first panel it shows a bunch of people deep in a hole, with the caption, "Once upon a time, there was a bunch of people stuck in a hole."  In the second panel, "Attempts were made by various individuals to get out of the hole, third panel, "such as arm flapping . . .  fourth panel "jumping" . . . , fifth panel "meditation and levitation" . . .  sixth panel "This went on for hundreds of years, until they had tried everything except helping each other out . . . The last panel shows people climbing on each other's shoulders and holding one person's foot in another's hands, with the caption, "So they helped each other out."

Louis Proyect wrote

On 8/9/18 11:55 AM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:

   Why could it not have started in Zimbabwe?

I think the answer is fairly obvious. ZANU-PF, like the ANC, like the MPLA in Angola, Frelimo in Mozambique, and like SWAPO in Namibia, were all national liberation movements with only a tangential relationship to socialism. When I was involved with Tecnica in the early 90s, I used to get reports from our volunteers working in all of these places about how unlike the FSLN they were. All of these volunteers had spent time in Nicaragua previously. I remember vividly how creeped out a volunteer who worked in Zimbabwe was by government officials.

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