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Michael Meeropol writes "I hope a broad coalition that includes capitalists
can beat back the domestic neo-cons..."

The US capitalists beat back the neo cons when they installed Obama in
office. Or, more accurately, they became convinced that a different
strategy was necessary. We see how great that worked out.

Now, the problem is a lot more serious. In any case, what was required was
the near collapse of Iraqi society, a collapse from which it has not
recovered and may not ever recover.

But we are talking about a global situation here, and it's not only Trump.
We have Netanyahu in Israel, Morsi in India, Putin in Russia, Duterte in
the Philippines, Erdogan in Turkey, Assad in Syria and Bolsonaro coming to
power in Brazil. In my opinion, Ortega is also moving in a similar
direction, although I suspect that some on this list will strongly object
to this belief. All represent similar dynamics, some to a greater extreme
than others. They all represent capitalism entering into a greater and
greater stage of crisis on the one hand, while the working class on the
other hand is confused, divided and nearly paralyzed. When and if the
working class really moves, it will be to assert its class interests. The
very second there is the slightest hint of that, the capitalist class - all
wings of it - will desert the movement in droves. In fact, before any such
movement even starts to get under way the capitalist class and its
representatives will do all in their power to prevent the working class
from playing any serious role. To the extent they succeed will be to the
same extent that they demobilize and demoralize the working class. In other
words, help maintain the present direction of things.

John Reimann

On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 5:43 AM Michael Meeropol <mamee...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The analogy to the destruction of the German capitalists who supported
> Hitler is chilling --
> today's neoconservative capitalists are presiding over the destruction of
> the planet --- perhaps some hundreds of millions of humans will survive and
> SOME organized forms of society may even flourish (Oreskes' novel THE
> COLLAPSE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION envisions a second Chinese People's
> Republic cerca 2093) but will it be socialist and humanist or authoritarian
> -- almost fascist?? ----
> I hope a broad coalition that includes capitalists can beat back the
> domestic neo-cons ---
> Don't think that there will be a strong left to pick up the pieces if the
> neo-cons prevail (even if they don't the odds against civilization --
> ANYWHERE --- decrease every day).   Resistance is mostly existential (as in
> French existentialism not survival) --- we struggle even though we 're
> almost certain to lose!

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
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