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Ah, I see now. What happened is that I have been clicking on the link, and that 
didn't work because, with the fabulously long multi-line URLs, this only picks 
the underlined section of the URL  One has to manual copy the full URL to the 
clipboard and paste it into the browser. 

I didn't notice the problem with a section of the URL being cut-off because, 
clicking on the underlined URL, I would remove line wrap so that the URL would 
appear on one line. I thought that this would ensure that clicking on the link 
give the entire URL, because apparently -- after the removing line wrapping -- 
underlining was restored for the entire URL. But that's not the case. The URL 
so very long, and it is so far off the page when there isn't line wrapping, 
that I 
didn't notice that part of the URL was still cut off when it was on a single 

I mention these details in case anyone else had the same problem.

> > 
> You must be doing something wrong. After clicking the warning link,
> you 
> should end up on a page that says this:
> Cisco Security
> The requested web page may be dangerous
> Loading and analyzing 
> http://secure-web.cisco.com/19SLqQknp9P1qcp5jEjRNqGWyzvwy8EW-mIozoad
> b48zCqJ7L4qQ2Q91LJ28Y1dd7IGAPUzvCA4dwr-Y5rBw_pNMVthCjYwSGNTjvOrQ_0WG
> oXltnaOLI-JpgkVTq0mMBlUxHNwY1U5EVT8K2kx8Rc2UjGYz65xxuqNzCO89dB4IKK1e
> xm6pHOMTr_lR8KTRfy0eUF3TNKQAPW3vfnXwJhKKtzuKvDyCcM71bCRYaRx3YtMb8SE7
> KABv-qPdvLT-6TPitn06DS-pZhLxXiErKSFJ-k-qDpJTbj_0jseiuN1-nCTdix5hwd_f
> 7fB3Qi4_6m2tNBafL6iDWCM2bQWGi3Vu_iS1z__cbxVGoJCKUL5nVAfZmxTWPlGGNf3M
> vZPURESFrAvj9XZIW7zy2IltphQ/http%3A%2F%2Fwww.historicalmaterialism.o
> rg%2Findex.php%2Fblog%2Fdutch-capitalism-and-slavery
> Cisco Email and Web Security protects your organization's network
> from 
> malicious software. Malware is designed to look like a legitimate
> email 
> or website which accesses your computer, hides itself in your
> system, 
> and damages files. Your email administrator has configured this 
> prevention system to ensure against such damage.
> ---
> Once you are on that page, you will see this pop-up almost
> immediately 
> that gives you a choice:
>       Do you trust the rendered site?
>       Leave this site and report it as malicious (in red)
>       Leave protected area and visit this site directly (in green)
> Click the one in green and you will end up at the intended page.
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