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Louis posted a link showing that Sanders is leading in a national poll. He also 
posted a link to a very fine article by Steven Salaita on Sanders and 
Palestinians and the shallowness of electoral politics in the US. There have 
been numerous comments on the first link, but there have been NONE on the 
second. For me, this shows how leftists have become once again infatuated with 
national elections, out of all proportion to their importance in terms of 
building a real radical movement. One that is global in scope and one in which 
Sanders's rather pathetic commentary on Palestinians would simply not be 

The other day, former ISO leader, Todd Chretien said, in a post that appears to 
have been deleted, that what leftists do in the wake of Sanders's New Hampshire 
victory would determine the fate of socialism in the US. And we are either with 
Sanders or we're for Trump. I did a double-take when I read this. First, a 
person shifts his beliefs in a heartbeat, almost 1984 fashion. What he once was 
he no longer is, and perhaps what he once was, he never really was. Second, the 
utter stupidity and lack of understanding of US reality is mind boggling.
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